Application for Raiders

tell us about yourself and what brings you to Forged Alliance
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Application for Raiders

Post by draven » April 6th, 2009, 10:04 pm

Please read the following posts:
- Read This Before Applying
- Ranks
- About Us

Then Select All, Copy, start a New Topic in the Guild Applications forum with a subject that includes your character name, Paste the application, and answer all of the questions. Your application will usually be reviewed within a day or so, please check back to see any questions or responses. Thanks!

Code: Select all

Name (first name only): 
Character Name: 
Main Spec: 
Off Spec(s):
Have you read and understand the following posts? 
- Read This Before Applying
- Ranks
- About Us

Which of the following best describes your raiding goals?
1. Raid whenever you have time in whatever group is most convenient
2. Raid consistently in a normal / heroic mode group and maybe some mythic
3. Dedicated to progressing through mythic at whatever rate the group is capable of
4. Hardcore mythic progression
5. None of the above, please explain: 

Please link your armory profile: 

What is your raid experience? Please list as much as you think is relevant.

Why did you leave your previous (current) guild?

How did you find our guild?

What is the basic enchanting / gemming strategy for your character? 

What consumables do you use during raids?

What boss mod(s) / addons do you use? 

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Are there any ways that we can improve the application process?


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