Welcome to Forged Alliance

Forged Alliance is a level 25, PvE focused, casual raiding World of Warcraft guild on the Destromath server with a friendly, "family-oriented" atmosphere. More information about who we are can be found on the About Us page. We always welcome friendly, mature, drama free players. If you happen to be one that is interested in joining us, please apply here.

Latest News:

Patch 5.4 is upon us! We enter the Siege of Orgrimmar with pretty good momentum from Throne of Thunder, we'll see how merged realms affect things and whether we'll be able to resume multiple raids per week.

Thus far in Pandaria our overall progression 13/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar, 2/13(H) in Throne of Thunder, 6/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults, and 5/6 in Heart of Fear.

Our current plan is to run one 10 person group that works on heroic progression and possibly one normal mode / alt group. A relatively up to date list of our recruiting needs can be found on WoW Progress.

Second Group (13/14H SoO, 14/14 SoO, 2/13H ToT, 12/12 ToT, 5/6 HoF, 6/6 MV):
Tuesday / Thursday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific (10pm - 1am server)

This is a casual semi-hardcore group focused on progression at whatever rate we're capable.
Raid Leaders: Idravenl / Recette
  • Tank: low
  • DPS (melee): low
  • DPS (ranged): low
  • Healer: low

Third Group (1/14H SoO, 14/14 SoO):
Friday / sometimes Monday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific (10pm - 1am server)

This is a casualish / alt group.
Raid Leaders: Indstrctbl / Sarasa
  • Tank: high
  • DPS (melee): medium
  • DPS (ranged): high
  • Healer: high

Joint Raid (8/14H SoO, 14/14 SoO, 1/13H ToT, 12/12 ToT):
Saturday and / or Sunday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific (10pm - 1am server)

This is a joint raid with PinkBird MentaLinstitute.
Raid Leader: Averyzan
Roles needed:
  • Tank: medium
  • DPS: medium
  • Healer: medium

Rated Battlegrounds: currently on vacation
See the PvP forum for more information.