Forged Alliance
Forged Alliance
of destromath / proudmoore

Welcome to Forged Alliance

Forged Alliance is an Alliance faction World of Warcraft raiding guild with a friendly, "family-oriented" atmosphere, currently split between the Proudmoore and Destromath servers. More information about who we are can be found on the About Us page. We always welcome friendly, mature, drama free players. If you happen to be one that is interested in joining us, please apply here.

Latest News:

Guild server transfer to Proudmoore! After more than a decade of calling Destromath home some of us have abandoned the AzgaHaraDestroLord server conglomerate with the hope of re-establishing ourselves in a more friendly environment. We have active players on both servers, but raids are organized on Proudmoore.

We are currently 11/11H in Antorus. Our Legion raid schedule and general recruiting needs are below. A more detailed list of our current needs can be found on WoW Progress, although anyone is welcome to apply.

Progression Raid (Proudmoore)
11/11H ABT, 11/11N ABT, 9/9H ToS, 9/9N ToS, 10/10H NH, 10/10N NH, 3/3H ToV, 3/3N ToV, 1/7M EN, 7/7H EN, 7/7N EN

Tuesday / Thursday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific

This is a casual semi-hardcore group focused on progression at whatever rate we're capable. We do not have sufficient numbers for mythic, so heroic mode is the best we can do for now.
Raid Leader: Idravenl / Withywindle
  • Tank: low
  • DPS (melee): medium
  • DPS (ranged): high
  • Healer: high