Welcome to Forged Alliance

Forged Alliance is an Alliance faction World of Warcraft raiding guild on the AzgaHaraDestroLord server conglomerate with a friendly, "family-oriented" atmosphere. More information about who we are can be found on the About Us page. We always welcome friendly, mature, drama free players. If you happen to be one that is interested in joining us, please apply here.

Latest News:

The Warlords of Draenor are upon us! Have fun leveling, exploring the new content, and playing with your castle.

We are currently 13/13H in Hellfire Citadel. Our plan is to run one group that works on heroic progression with the eventual goal of mythic if we ever have enough people, and one casual / alt group. For reference, a relatively up to date list of our recruiting needs can be found on WoW Progress, although anyone is welcome to apply.

Progression Raid (13/13H HFC, 10/10H BRF, 1/7M HM, 7/7H HM):
Tuesday / Thursday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific (10pm - 1am server)

This is a casual semi-hardcore group focused on progression at whatever rate we're capable. We are currently a few people short of having enough for Mythic.
Raid Leader: Idravenl
  • Tank: low
  • DPS (melee): medium
  • DPS (ranged): high (preferably balance druid / elemental shaman / warlock)
  • Healer: high (preferably druid / paladin)

Casual / Alt Raid (4/13H HFC, 8/13N HFC, 6/7H HM):
Monday: 8pm - 11ish pm pacific (10pm - 1am server)

This is a casual / alt group that runs whatever seems doable when we have enough people.
Raid Leaders: Idravenl / Inori
  • Tank: high
  • DPS (melee): high
  • DPS (ranged): high
  • Healer: high