draven's raiding expectations

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draven's raiding expectations

Post by draven » November 19th, 2012, 6:33 pm

greetings! as a raid leader, i think that i have three main responsibilities: to ensure that we are progressing at a reasonable rate, that we are using our time efficiently, and that everyone is having fun while doing so. a problem this presents is that different people have different ideas of what these things mean, and therefore this thread will contain a list of my expectations that hopefully everyone can generally agree on. due to the fact that reality has a tendency to interfere with play time, you should consider this a list of ideals.

first and foremost, don't be this person. i expect you to respect your fellow raiders and guildmates, and if you are unpleasant to raid with on a regular basis you will find yourself unwelcome in my raid group. this is something i've tolerated to an extent in the past, but will not tolerate henceforth.

in general, you should have a relatively positive attitude. there are several reasons, both in game and out, that sometimes make maintaining a positive demeanor difficult, but being negative isn't helpful and usually makes things worse. you should also be able to accept and evaluate constructive criticism without being offended or getting upset.

forums and communication
i use the forums to communicate general information about raids and the guild as a whole and i expect you to keep yourself informed. if you do not do so, it is likely that you will be left out and / or left behind. as a general rule, i do not answer questions in game that i've already posted about on the forums, and it is unlikely that i will reply to you if you message me just prior to or during a raid. i realize this seems harsh and it is likely a source of frustration, but please understand that my time and focus is dedicated to the raid and little else. if you have a question that is not covered or you were unable to find on the forums, please ask me anytime other than during a raid, or better yet on the forums so that others with the same question will be informed as well.

you should be prepared for raids, which means meeting and maintaining the raider requirements, having the appropriate consumables, and being specced, talented, and fully repaired. you should also have a general knowledge of the encounters we will be working on. you are also expected to read the relevant threads in the raid strategy and combat logs forums during progression so that you are up to date with current strategy theories and developments.

only raider ranked characters will receive calendar invites to progression raids. please accept the calendar invites, even if it a few minutes before the raid, as the calendar is used to determine the roster for the evening and to send raid invites. please do not accept the calendar invite on multiple characters, as that just makes things confusing. please do not accept the calendar invite if you can't stay for the whole raid, unless you let me know so i can plan accordingly, since changing the group composition in the middle of the raid may cause significant issues depending on what we are working on.

if your availability changes, please update your response or post on the forums. i usually don't assume that anyone will or will not attend any given raid, and you may be replaced or benched if you are not online when the raid is supposed to start. invites for the raid will go out when there are enough people confirmed to make a feasible group. you should check the calendar invite to see your status and the status of the group in general. accepting a calendar invite does not guarantee you a spot. not accepting a calendar invite almost guarantees you will not receive a raid invite.

you should be on time for raids, which means that you are at the instance when the raid is scheduled to start. there is no longer a mass summon, warlock sightings can be rare, and the summoning stone can't always be relied upon. you may be late due to things such as work, traffic, kids, and whatever else, which is fine. if you are doing dailies, running dungeons, pvping, on an alt, or afk, you are wasting everyone else's time while we wait for you. if you know you are going to be late for a raid, please provide notice and try to park your character near the entrance of the instance we will be working on for the evening. the instance is generally listed in the calendar invite. if you are late without notice, you probably will not receive an invite.

i expect people to pay attention and be focused during raids, especially during progression, since every single person in the raid needs to be at their best in order to be successful. you should not be watching tv / movies / youtube / netflix / whatever, talking on the phone, or texting frequently during the raid. obviously there are calls you need to take and messages you need to reply to sometimes, but they should not be a frequent occurrence.

computer / internet
all of the above don't matter much if you do not have a computer and internet connection that allow you to raid without excessive lag. this affects the entire group, as it isn't uncommon for encounters to have individual mechanics that can wipe the raid if you are not able to react properly in a timely fashion. computers break and the internets will be wonky at times, but if you consistently have issues you will likely be benched until you get them sorted out.

please do not talk excessively on mumble. if you do, i reserve the right to globally mute you. i realize that one of the reasons that people like to raid is the social aspect, but raid time is not social hour. we have a limited amount of time each week to raid and we must use it efficiently if we want to progress. questions should be asked and strategies should be discussed between pulls, not during an encounter. only relevant information should be conveyed during an attempt, otherwise you are probably talking over something important and / or distracting everyone else. also, ready check = please stop talking.

my general opinion of loot is that whatever drops progresses the raid as a whole, and therefore i do not care about any specific item. if we are progressing as we should, everyone should have the chance to get whatever they want before it is replaced with the next new hotness. if you have an issue with loot, please bring it to my attention as i'm sure something can be worked out, but for the most part i will not tolerate loot drama.

in general i'm a big fan of shenanigans, except during raids. please do not waste time screwing around, for example using certain items or spells that may or may not get you gkicked.

finally, you should be aware that i generally have high expectations, i have little interest in easy mode, and that i don't think there is much we can't accomplish in the game. i expect people to learn encounter mechanics and how to deal with them, learn from their mistakes, and develop a personal strategy for each encounter.

finally finally, i've been known to be excessively stubborn, have a bit of a temper, and be just a bit sarcastic. this is something you'll just have to deal with.

as always, if you have any questions / comments / suggestions / whatever, please let me know!


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