Ranks and Raid Rosters

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Ranks and Raid Rosters

Post by draven » June 20th, 2011, 12:03 am

There are three ranks for raiders: Raider, Raider Alt, and Casual Raider
The ranks are defined as follows:
A person / character ranked as a Raider is expected to adhere to Raiding Expectations and is responsible for knowing their character, how to maximize it, and to meet and maintain the following minimum requirements:
  • An appropriate raiding spec for your class / role, the basic ability rotation for it (when applicable), and familiarity with your talents and in which situations they are most useful.
  • Have the appropriate gear for the current raid content tier. This will change as we progress and as new content is introduced, but is currently defined as:
    • Your average ilvl should be 940ish+.
    • Your artifact ilvl should be 970ish+ and have 70+ traits
    • You should have ilvl 915+ items in all slots, with the possible exception of a random slot such as ring or trinket.
    • All gear must be properly gemmed and enchanted. This is currently defined as:
      • Enchants
      • 915+ gear should have the best available enchant.
      • Otherwise all other gear should have at least lesser enchants.
      • Epic gems are not required.
      • All 915+ gear with sockets should have rare (blue) quality gems.
      • Otherwise all other gear with sockets should have uncommon (green) quality gems.
  • Use of flasks and appropriate food buffs on progression content is encouraged. Unfortunately the guild is too poor to provide flasks in the current server economy.
  • The use of potions is highly encouraged during progression.
Raider Alt:
This rank has the same requirements as the Raider rank and is used to delineate mains from alts. People are expected to focus on one main character in progression raids, but you may switch your main character with a Raider Alt ranked character between content tiers.

Casual Raider:
This rank is for any other people / characters who are interested in raiding, but are still gearing up or don't have the desire, time, or whatever else to meet or maintain the requirements for the Raider rank. The only requirement for this rank is to be ilvl 850ish+. These characters will not receive invites for progression raids.

Raid Rosters:
Raid leaders are generally left to lead their groups as they see fit, and rosters are determined by a variety of factors including group composition, preparedness, performance, attitude, and attendance. Attendance is generally not required, as there are a lot of reasons why you are not able to make a raid and real life takes priority over the game. However, in order to have a successful group, it must have a relatively stable group of people, so consistent attendance is encouraged.

Raids are organized on the Guild Calendar, but receiving or accepting an invite does not guarantee you a spot. If you Accept an invite, you are expected to show up on time, preferably early. If you are not sure if you will be able to make a raid, use the Tentative option and update your status when it changes. If you are not able to make a raid, Decline the invite. If you do not reply to an invite, it is assumed you have declined. If your status changes, please update it on the invite if possible, even if it is shortly before the raid. If you have accepted an invite but are not able to attend, you should try to let the raid leader know, either in game or on the forum.

If you are not on the raid roster but would like to be, please make it known by talking to a raid leader or officer or making a post on the forum. Roster spots are generally earned, and the best way to do so is to show up consistently, be available in case a raid needs a sub, and to show improvement beyond just collecting gear. Attending the alt raid(s) is also a good way to get raid experience, learn the encounters in a more relaxed atmosphere, and prove that you are ready for the main raids.

People who are interested in raiding, meet the requirements for the Raider rank and would like to be promoted to the Raider or Raider Alt rank, or are interested in attending the alt raid(s) and would like to be promoted to Casual Raider, should sign up for the "raider rank" calendar event that is on Monday nights. This is not an actual event and you do not need to be online for it, it is just the easiest way of tracking things. Please make sure you are logged out in your PvE gear on Monday night so that it can be reviewed. Characters that do not meet the requirements will be given the rank of Casual Raider. Once you are ranked as Raider or Raider Alt, you do not need to sign up again to maintain your rank, although ranks are re-evaluated between content tiers.

The invite status meanings are as follows:
Signed Up: you are interested in progression raiding and would like to be promoted to the rank of Raider / Raider Alt
Tentative: you are interested in casual / alts raids and would like to be promoted to the rank of Casual Raider
Confirmed: you passed, good work
Standby: the armory did not appear to reflect your main spec gear when reviewed
Out: you do not meet the requirements for the raider rank

Those that have not been online and / or actively raiding may be demoted, mainly due to the fact that calendar invites are limited to 100 characters. This generally will only apply to characters that have been inactive for more than three months. Whenever you resume playing / raiding, you may request a promotion to your previous rank, assuming you meet the current requirements.


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